About Leandro Comrie Pepin

My subject matter is broad, inclusive, and unapologetic. I paint about heartbreak, love, death, friendship, lust, kindness, all mixed-in and coexisting in the midst of my paintings. Culture identity, sexuality, class and spirituality have also found a space in my subject matter.

The human body serves as a metaphor to denote aspects of the human condition. Enlarging or minimizing hands, feet and fingers are metaphors to judgment or self-edification; teeth become a symbol of love or fear. Penises become a sign of violence or lust and vulvae an ode to life. Mask-like faces are a symbolism for hypocrisy, or belittlement.

My work is both simple and complex and it aims at engaging the viewer in a dialogue where, perhaps, a sense of redemption and higher consciousness can be found. But most importantly it creates a space for conversations to be had about our human experience.